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Quality Mission

BiO-LiFE is committed to provide safe and efficacious products to its customers at all times.

To achieve our mission, we have set forth the following quality policies

Reputable Raw Material Suppliers
BiO-LiFE sets a purchasing policy whereby only reputable raw materials which are clinically studied and proven are used in our products

We choose only top-grade ingredients from the best raw material suppliers or single-product specialists across the globe to ensure that we deliver the best to our customers. We conduct face-to-face meetings with manufacturers of raw materials at conferences and exhibitions followed by routine inspections of the production facilities.

Manufacturer's Track Record
In line with our sound and rational manufacturing policies, each manufacturer must first meet certain criteria based on the standards set by the BiO-LiFE technical team before approval is given. This reflects our commitment of excellence to customers' needs.

BiO-LiFE products are manufactured by full-fledged pharmaceutical factories with proven clean track records, in Australia, United States and Malaysia. By manufacturing locally, we are doing our part in meeting the government's aspiration of producing quality supplements locally.

Technical Expertise

BiO-LiFE maintains a technical team comprising qualified personnel from various different disciplines i.e. - pharmacy, nutrition, food science, microbiology, bio-chemistry and clinical herbalism. This highly trained team with more than 35 years' combined experience oversees all aspects of manufacturing and new product development. It is this wealth of practical experience and scientific knowledge that sets us apart from the rest.

Stringent Testing Protocols
BiO-LiFE maintains an in-house chemical laboratory to support product quality,stability and research activities.

TLC (thin-layer chromatography) is used to evaluate herbs while HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) is used for vitamins and nutritional products. Records of the scan results are then archived accordingly. Furthermore, microbiological assays are routinely performed to exclude pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Stability studies are also conducted on certain products such as probiotics to determine its CFU (colony forming unit) count with every batch of capsules and raw materials.

Regular Quality Assurance Audits
BiO-LiFE has a team of qualified auditors who makes scheduled audits to manufacturing sites and raw material supplier sites to continuously monitor and ensure the set standards are kept. In summary, we are committed to providing the best natural healthcare supplements to our esteemed customers and will never compromise on the integrity of our products in all areas; from raw material sourcing and manufacturing process right up to the finished product on your pharmacy's shelves.

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